Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Massage Table, Sheets, plus Tomatoes in Palo Alto

What you lie on and under isn't really the most important part of a massage, but it makes a difference. That's why I want to mention a few things about the new table I'm using and what I put on top of it.

Sheets and Things
Last week I bought another set of sheets for massage. They are made from bamboo, which is soft and comfy. Some of my sheets are bamboo, some are cotton. Since most sheets are designed for beds, and beds are larger than massage tables, I go to the effort of trimming and re-hemming flat sheets for the top. I always use a fitted bottom sheet.

I have seen spas where the bottom sheet is not fitted, which just doesn't cover the table as securely. The worst problem is that it is too easy, and common, for the sheet to not cover the front of the table where your face is and the arms may hang over. Do you really want your body touching the same bare table where everyone else's armpits have been?

Another technique I have is not using a blanket, but instead putting two sheets on top of the body. The reason is that blankets are too hard to wash, yet for every massage the client's oily hands, arms, and possibly legs touch the top cover, plus the therapist's hands. You're clean of course, but what about the people before you? All the covers get changed after every massage in my practice.

Incidentally, here's an inside scoop on how some high speed spas operate: Putting multiple sets of sheets on the table at once. There may be 4, 6, or more sheets at the start, and after each massage the therapist just peels off the top two. Needless to say, I never do that.

One more tidbit. Every notice an odd smell when you get on a massage table? It's rancid massage oil that doesn't wash out of the sheets, not aromatherapy. I use jojoba instead of a vegetable oil, and since jojoba doesn't go rancid, you won't notice that problem in my treatment room.

Deluxe New Table
Thanks to the generous and wonderful Stephanie, owner of Restore Body and Mind, where my business is based, I now have an electric lift table to use. This makes it possible for me to precisely position the table height for each client, and even to change the height during the session. The extra bonus is that the table is heated, with a neat digital thermostat.

Balcony Garden News
from Palo Alto
The tumbling toms tiny tomatoes are ripe, and they taste terrific!

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