Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Day and Massage

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

I'm a bit behind keeping up with blogging, so this will be brief, but I want to bring up two great things about massage today.

First is that massage is a wonderful and much appreciated gift.  Nothing says "relaxation" more than a massage.  On the practical side for late gift-givers, on my main business website Positive Massage Therapy a gift certificate can be purchased with Paypal, and I can even email the certificate as a PDF file for speedy response.  I can also print it on nice paper at Kinkos, but that takes a couple of days.  I'll put a custom message on it as well.

Second is that massage is even more appreciated and beneficial for a Mom-to-be.  Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on a woman's body with which a massage can help.  There are a lot of health benefits too, but I don't quite have time to list and explain.  For today, what matters is that women love it!

While my main professional focus is sports and orthopedic work, it's nice to do some relaxation work, and helping an expectant mother with a prenatal massage is always a privilege.


  1. Massage during and after pregnancy is truly beneficial and essential but gynecologist advice must be taken before going for it.

  2. I certainly agree with the first part of what you wrote, but disagree with the second. I was taught and have read that prenatal massage is quite safe, and that a doctor's approval is not necessary. The therapist does need special training however.