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Steven Rice Fitness T-Shirts

Exercise in style! These shirts are given to training clients after finishing the first 10 sessions as a reward. They are also available for sale.

The shirt in action
The shirts are available in grey and royal blue as shown, and red.
They are screen printed on American Apparel trim fit tees.

Please send me an email to purchase directly.

Now in red, with new font

Under the bar with Hylete
For the rest of your performance apparel needs, and because you can't wear a TRAIN t-shirt every day, check out all the rocking clothes at  HYLETE

Use the discount code TRTAQA6UN for 20% off your first purchase!

The Lumo Lift  Posture and Activity Tracker The Lumo tracks not just movement, but helps you to improve your posture,
Get great posture and improve your fitness with the Lumo Lift. Wear this discreet device near your chest to track your posture and activity throughout the day. Use the free companion iOS app to view your posture progress and your daily steps, distance, and calories burned. Try a Coaching Session to receive instant vibration feedback when you slouch. Track your progress over time, and see how Lumo Lift helps you stand, look, and feel better.
I have one and it is really enlightening- even though I think my posture is already good, I still have a lot of room to improve. The Lift immediately started getting me to sit and stand straighter, with subtle(but relentless!) little buzzes. Posture affects self-image, and how others perceive you so much, it is very worthwhile to have the Lumo Lift to help you.

Rosewood Kinetics, makers of fine wooden clubs. They do excellent custom work.

Rosewood Kinectics clubs
Custom joris made for one of my clients



Kettlebells are the most important equipment I use, and Dragon Door makes the best:
RKC Russian Kettlebell

Essential for any workout kit are Stretch & Resistance Bands
The bands need handles Heavy Duty Exercise Handles (Set of 2), carabiners Mini Biner Carabiner(small), Large Clip Hook Aluminum Carabiner(huge), and a couple slings for attachments 11mm Open Sling (22 inch is best).

For inexpensive 'starter' leverage clubs try a light TAP Bell Club

Those cool, minimalist shoes I wear:
MAS Feiyue Wushu Kung Fu Shoes-BLACK

These are what I use to make my workout shakes. The photo shows the quantities:

Now Foods Pea Protein, 2 Pound
NOW Foods Creatine Powder, 2.2 Pounds
cocoa powder and coconut milk(or more often water) from Whole Foods

To boost my breakfast oatmeal I use Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70% Protein Concentrate Most hemp protein has a higher fiber content which is good, but the oatmeal doesn't need any extra.

For some carbs in a dry, non-perishable form for your shake:

I don't recommend constantly measuring your food, but it's good to check occasionally:

Alcohol based hand cleaner for people who train outdoors- not for germ killing, but to be a solvent. Apply and wipe off with hand towel:
Natural Hand Sanitizer Gel

Yurbuds In-Ear Sport Headphones
Great combo of sound quality and low price, they fit well and stay in place. Lots of color options, too. If you gotta have music in your workout, these are the way to go.

More to come...

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