Functional Strength

Functional Strength Training is about developing strength, balance, endurance, and power that enhance your life outside the gym.  Unlike other forms of exercise that only make you better at doing the exercises themselves, Functional Strength Training improves your physical abilities for both everyday life and athletic pursuits. 

Functional means exercises that integrate moving your entire body; Strength means the capacity to exert force, such as lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying; Training means an approach that is knowledgeable and deliberate, not just 'working out'.

Training for Everyday Life
Farmers Walk with unequal weights
In life, we pick up odd-shaped objects, move furniture, exert ourselves in unstable positions- like putting a child in a car seat, and we hope to avoid injuries in the process.  These demands on our bodies are nothing like the simple, isolated movements of most gym exercises, and are completely different from using exercise machines.  By using the entire body in each exercise, using weights you hold instead of machines that hold you, and moving and stabilizing your own body you gain what is often called General Physical Preparedness(GPP)- Functional Strength.

Training for Sports
A weighted club for shoulder training
Having an intense dedication to a single sport is admirable, and your primary training should be specific to your sport.  At the same time, cross training can provide an important complement to your sport-specific training, especially in the off-season.  Functional training is the best way to maintain athletic balance outside your sport, and can help you avoid injury.

Get Strong.  Look Good.  Be Healthy.
With heavy weights and hard work you will get very strong.

Add muscle and lose fat, move with more grace and confidence, stand taller, and you will look better.

Improve cardiovascular health, bone density, immune system response, even mental and emotional well being with vigorous, functional exercise and you will be much more healthy.

Have Fun.
Functional training is much more fun than the same old gym routine!