Sunday, August 28, 2011

New T-Shirts

Here's the new "Steven Rice Fitness" T-shirt, guaranteed to make you stronger. The shirt is grey, not white. In the future I may have optional colors available.

I'll give free shirt to the next two people booking a training session in a Palo Alto park.

Update: New shirts are here, and even better! Click the "T-Shirts" link at the top of the page.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Now Offering The Functional Movement Screen

Continuing my approach of safely developing strength and movement ability for my clients, I have become certified in the Functional Movement Screen(FMS) and begun incorporating it into my practice

FMS takes a high level look at quality of execution in selective athletic movement patterns, identifying asymmetries or functional limitations that could lead to injury or impair performance. As the exerciser performs the simple movements, the ability to do the movement without pain, complete the movement with good form, and utilize both sides of the body equally is noted.

An example is the ability to step over a hurdle adjusted to the height of the athlete's knee. For a perfect score the athlete must step over and back while the body stays balanced and aligned(stability), with sufficient hip flexibility and control(mobility) to clear the top without deviating. Traditional range of motion tests isolate particular joints and don't require balance and movement, and performance tests may rate quantity over quality of execution.

The score of each test indicates whether referral to a physician or other medical professional is needed(a test caused pain), corrective exercise and soft tissue work(stretching and massage) are needed, or the athlete can proceed to training and sports.

FMS isn't the final word in determining injury risk or assessing athletic capabilities, but it does give a quick and effective initial evaluation and way to monitor progress. Learn more at Functional Movement Systems and read some of the many articles there about the screen. For another look, watch the first minute of this Nike video about FMS being used at an NFL training camp.

The Functional Movement Screen will be given to all my new clients, and I will be offering a screen and corrective exercise package especially for people beginning a new exercise or sports program.