About Me, and More

Training with Steven
Your fitness is my goal. Everything I do is to improve your
Coaching kettlebells
health, strength, and ability to physically excel. This sounds obvious, but too many personal trainers don't provide adequate challenge for you to improve, give unsafe or outmoded exercises, and spend your time(and money) chatting and doing anything but guiding your exercise. I incorporate the latest, most effective, and safest exercises specifically chosen for you. My workouts are not easy, but are always appropriate for your current fitness level and goals.

Don't like the commercialism of a corporate gym? As an independent trainer, I am more personal and can be more flexible in scheduling, location and program design.

The program is adjusted to fit your goals, and see the page About Functional Strength Training for an idea of my general approach.


Palo Alto, California and surrounding area

Personal Training at Home
Benefit from the convenience of private training at home. Nothing makes better use of your limited time than to have a professional trainer come to you. Regular workouts are critical to making progress in your fitness program, and this can make it possible. I bring the exercise equipment, and utilize what you own. I can also help you set up a home gym for doing workouts between guided sessions.

Personal Training Outdoors
Training on suspension device
Enjoy and be motivated by having your training outdoors in a local park. Creative use of park features and lots of room to move make your workout fun and challenging. You can even bring your dog. Equipment provided includes kettlebells, suspension gear(like TRX), weighted clubs(like clubbells), medicine balls, and resistance bands. Fresh air, sunshine, and sweat- that's health!

Mitchell Park in South Palo Alto is my regular 'office'.

Lots of room to move!
Small Group aka Boot Camp
I offer small group training, with more strength and less cardio than a typical boot camp.

A single 60 minute session at Mitchell Park costs $95.00. Please inquire about home personal training pricing.  Ten sessions can be purchased in advance for the price of nine singles.

High Intensity Interval Training
HIIT is an exercise protocol that alternates brief periods of fast exercise with light exercise or rest to maximize the training benefits in the minimum amount of time. This type of exercise is challenging because the body is repeatedly pushed nearly to its limit, but that also makes it efficient. At Steven Rice Fitness we often do 15-20 minutes of HIIT after a warmup, then follow with 30 minutes of more deliberate strength training.

The exercises are often sprints, agility drills, medicine ball throws, or calisthenics. Initially the intervals are from 1-2 minutes, shortening to 15-30 seconds for very fit individuals.

HIIT improves athletic performance, cardiovascular health, metabolic rate(see this article on 
EPOC- Extra Calories Burned After Exercise), insulin resistance, and can build more strength and mobility than typical cardio workouts.

Medicine Ball Push Up
Kettlebell Press from Reverse Plank
Sprint again!

Movement Screening
The Functional Movement Screen(FMS) is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. FMS identifies functional limitations and asymmetries that could lead to injury or hinder performance. If needed, corrective exercise and manual therapy are included in your program to improve your movement quality, and FMS is used to track progress. Learn more about FMS at functionalmovement.com