Monday, July 20, 2009

Burn More Calories- Don't Sit Down part 2

Someone pointed out to me another great reason to not sit down while exercising. Don't Sit Down is a simple exercise rule I explained previously. Briefly, if you're not sitting down, then you're involving much more of your body in each exercise, and training all the different muscles to work together. This is the key to "functional fitness," fitness useful in real life and sports.

The extra reason is that less sitting means burning more calories. Exercising sitting down means most of the body gets a rest, but if you stand or use an unstable surface for support the whole body is working and using energy- aka calories.

Weight loss techniques are not part of my expertise, but I know that it is important to many people. So, really, Don't Sit Down!

More Palo Alto Balcony Garden News
The Morning Glory on my balcony has finally started to bloom. I grow it across the rafters in the northeastern corner where it won't cast any shadows(I've lots of them already.)

I gave up on one of basil plants, which I don't think grew a bit since I put it in except for trying to flower. Strangely, its disappearance seems to be motivating the remaining basil. Just in case, I threw out the dirt in the pot as well.

In nice new clean dirt I planted a variety of pole beans. This particular pot hangs from the aforementioned rafters, in the opposite corner from the Morning Glory. It will get the most sun I've got, and I will try to trellis it above the roof level to get even more. A few bean seeds went other places, since there were more seeds in the package than I'll use for years. More news to come.

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