Saturday, August 22, 2009

Two Massage Success Stories, plus Colorful Quinoa

Earlier this summer, I started working with a couple of clients that illustrate the range of what I do in my practice at Positive Massage Therapy.

One is an elite college swimmer who had some tightness and pain impeding her performance. This is a person competing in international events where fractions of a second make a big difference. Focused deep tissue massage and myofascial release enabled to her to "get her kick back." I plan to be cheering for her in the next Olympics.

The other client is a woman in her sixties who had been on medication for severe low back pain for an extended period. Another condition forced her to stop the pain meds, and her back was really bothering her. After her session, she told me her back didn't hurt for the first time since she stopped taking the pills, and there were no side effects.

Knowing my clients are losing their pain, improving at their sport, or escaping from a stressful week is what makes my profession so rewarding.

Very exciting food news- I've discovered the new red and black quinoa at the Palo Alto Whole Foods. I eat a lot of quinoa- big servings at dinner and a few spoonfuls mixed into my breakfast cereal. The extra color makes the grain more interesting- presentation counts for a lot. I've happily learned that I can cook regular beige quinoa with the flashy new varieties and they both retain their colors. Does it get any better than multi-colored quinoa?

Quinoa is excellent nutritionally- balanced amino acids, alkaline instead of acid like most grains, gluten-free, quick cooking, and tasty. People usually know of it as a high protein grain, however while it is true that it the highest, it actually is only slightly higher that wheat and the others.

If you're already a quinoa fan, try mixing the colorful varieties together. If you don't already eat it, this is a great time to start.


  1. Great post...Have you ever been able to find the black variety of quinoa? If so, know where I can get some?

  2. Whole Foods Palo Alto! If you stop by we can have coffee together.