Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bodywork and Statins

From the excellent blog Happy Healthy Long Life I have learned that the common statin Crestor has been approved for use in healthy people for prevention.  Statins are a class of drug used for treatment of high cholesterol.  This new ruling may substantially raise the number of people who take this already very common type of medication.

Where this matters in the realm of bodywork and fitness is that possible side-effects of statins include muscle aches and pains, muscle injury, and peripheral neuropathy.  If you have, or your client  presents, non-specific muscular complaints then statin use should be considered a possible cause.  Inform your doctor, and get approval for massage or exercise. Your doctor should be informed immediately especially if there is severe pain, swelling, or dark urine.  In the extreme, a life-threatening condition known as rhabdomyolysis may exist and emergency care is needed immediately.

With minor symptoms, massage and exercise seem to be safe if not done too strongly.  In severe cases, either may exacerbate a dangerous condition and should be avoided.  In all circumstances, the information offered here is neither expert nor complete- it is just to increase your awareness.


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