Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reaching a Fitness Goal

A personal goal, with an asterisk, met
One year ago I started doing dumbbell snatches.  Like most new things, progress was rapid at first then slower and slower.  In May I set a specific weight I would lift by July, and last week I did it with one day to spare- from the floor, a clean lift, and a steady pause overhead before setting the weight down.  The asterisk is because I did it with one hand and not the other.

The snatch is shown here, and I'll mention that it is notable for its complexity, requiring coordination between different parts of the body doing more than one thing each. Almost every body part is involved, and power and stability are critical. Naturally I use a dumbbell because it's harder, meaning you get fitter, than a barbell.

The weight was 70 lbs., which happens to be the heaviest dumbbell at my gym.

I began with 25 lbs.  That amount I could put over my head any way I wanted, but I spent a month with it practicing the proper form.  And even as I slowly started adding weight, I found improvements in technique I could make.  A year later, and I still need to improve my form and timing.  I reached my my goal, with asterisk, not because I have any inherent physical talent or experience in sports(I was a nerd) but because I put in the work to gain a skill I didn't have.

As a Personal Trainer, my job is to give you guidance and encouragement to help you develop the skill and strength to meet your fitness goals.   Whether short term and arbitrary like lifting the heaviest dumbbell in the gym, or long term like improved health and athleticism, personal training can help you.

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