Monday, October 11, 2010

Organic Exercise, a Gray Cook Perspective

The importance of exercising the entire body at once, in natural ways, over isolating body parts with machines and artificial movements, is a major focus of my personal training.  The term functional fitness incorporates this concept.

Here's an article with an excellent analogy to food from the most influential person in functional movement today, Gray Cook:

Organic Exercise?
Is there such a thing as organic exercise? The word organic is often associated with concepts like natural, whole, unrefined and authentic. The term that was once only applied to our food is now being applied to our other lifestyle choices as well.
Some other good quotes:
Our dissection and analysis of the body has produced isolated exercises that assume movement patterns will spontaneously reset themselves.
Our movement learning system rarely benefits from isolated exercises or focus on single body parts. Just like highly processed fortified food, the isolated exercises seem more scientifically complex, and therefore in the public eye, are assumed to be better.
The takeaway—Eat a balanced variety of clean whole foods and exercise in a balanced variety of clean whole movement patterns.
Most people have become aware of these facts about our food.  The next step is realizing the same concepts apply to how we exercise.

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