Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Posture Makes You More Powerful

Posture article shows a connection to perceived and actual power:
How You Can Become More Powerful by Literally Standing Tall
Posture can affect how powerful you feel--and how powerful you are
More impressively, expansive postures also altered the participants’ hormone levels.  Using salivary samples, Carney and colleagues found that expansive postures led individuals to experience elevated testosterone (T) and decreased cortisol (C). This neuroendocrine profile of High T and Low C has been consistently linked to such outcomes as disease resistance and leadership abilities. Although past research has found that occupying a powerful role leads to expansive postures, Carney et al.’s paper is the first to investigate the reciprocal relationship – the causal effect of posture on the mental experience of power.
Scientific American, By Adam D. Galinsky and Li Huang  | January 4, 2011

Testosterone(good) and cortisol(bad) have other significant roles in health, including promoting muscular growth(testosterone) and stress(cortisol), plus the link to disease resistance mentioned.

Poor posture can cause or exacerbate many musculoskeletal problems, including excessive compression and friction with joints and connective tissue, and muscles overworked from supporting the body in an inefficient alignment.

Posture improvement begins with awareness, and continues with stretching and strengthening the appropriate areas to make holding good alignment easier and automatic.


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  2. Hello Steven, I totally agree. It's all about posture and awareness. When you feel good and are in alignment, everything else is easy. I appreciate what you say in your bio: "I try to sit and stand straight, and am at least pretty good at catching myself when I'm not." big too!