Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exercise enables fitness, not fitness enables exercise

Cool exercises
Yesterday at the gym a man commented to me "You do the coolest exercises. I wish I could do that." I was jumping or swinging or throwing a medicine ball around; he was lying down doing a bench press. I told him "You can! The exercises you're doing are what's limiting you."

Sadly, he went back to the bench press. I experimented with sideways crunches suspending my feet from a TRX band.

Exercise causes fitness
There is often an opinion that being fit is what makes "cool" exercises possible, but that's exactly the opposite of the process. It is doing exercises that involve the entire body, lifting without support, and balancing while moving, that builds fitness. Isolating muscles, sitting down, using machines- those will never make you fit. At best they will strengthen particular muscles, at worst cause injury and distort posture. Fitness comes from training your body to support itself and move the different parts together.

Don't put off the cool exercises until you're fit. Start now and the fitness will follow.

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  1. Excellent point, well made! I get a similar reaction in strength training. Other women say "I couldn't do that, I'm not strong enough." To which the answer is, how do you think one gets strong enough?