Sunday, June 7, 2009

Posture Book, Tiny Toms, and Current Cookies

A very good book I just finished reading and will now recommend is "Posture Alignment" by Paul D'Arezzo. It is written for a general audience, unlike most of the technical bodywork books I read. It really conveys why posture matters, and is also good at motivating people to start improving. Here's a quote from chapter 1, page 13:
  • "Others perceive us differently. Like it or not, we are judged and we judge others by their posture. With good posture, we are perceived as more confident, happy, and in control. Older people with correct posture are perceived as younger and sexier.
  • We move better. There is a grace and economy of movement that comes with postural alignment.
  • We feel better. Our posture, how we stand and move, directly affects our emotions and how we feel.
  • All our organ systems work better and more efficiently. Our muscles and bones aren't separate from the rest of our body. A closed chest limits our breathing. A pelvis that is overly tilted forward puts strain on our abdominal organs."
Wow! Boldly said! I agree completely, although I'm more conservative when speaking with clients because I don't want to alienate them.

I don't exactly agree with all the corrective advice given- It's good, just not quite my approach.

The book is available at the Los Altos Library(as soon as I return it), and online at Amazon.

A few weeks back I bought a "Tumbling Tom" hanging tomato plant at the Farmers Market, and I'm thrilled to see teeming tiny tomatoes covering it. The plant itself hasn't gotten any larger, so the total crop will be limited though. My balcony is sunlight challenged, so finding a tomato that could hang from one of the overhead beams is likely the only way I can get such a sun demanding plant to thrive. That being said, a neighbor gave me a tomato seedling which of course I had to plant. We'll wait and see if it grows.

This week I have sweet potato spice cookies. These are my signature cookies, and they go fast!

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