Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elements of health

Three key elements of health are bodywork(of course!), exercise, and nutrition- specifically my delicious, homemade, organic, vegan cookies. Today I made for clients and co-workers a batch of oat/barley/date cookies- my favorite. If it is possible and I can figure out how I'll post a PDF of the recipe. Until then, you'll just have to book a massage with me to get one.

On the exercise front, today I did a fun low body focused one I'll describe. First, note that this is not isolating anything, and the whole body is involved. Here's the deal: Balance a dumbbell on its end. Stand on the dumbbell with one foot. Touch the other leg to the floor behind you, then in front, then tilt your torso forward and raise the leg to horizontal behind you(like the yoga pose warrior 1.) If you have any back injury or pain skip the last step and keep the torso upright. If you do it be sure to bend from the pelvis and keep the spine neutral* the whole time.

Obviously this works on balance, plus the abductors are engaged to keep you from falling sideways. In the two foot taps on the floor the quads are worked and in the forward bend the glute max and hamstrings are exercised.

For extra fun, hold a small weight in one hand(I use 15-20 lbs.) For extra, extra fun, switch the weight between hands as you go.

If you're still working your way up to this level of fun, stand on something more stable than a dumbbell, and do only one of the touches of your foot.

*I first wrote "spine straight" but that's not accurate since the spine is naturally curved. Neutral means don't increase the curve as you bend at the hips(top of the legs.) More(lots) about the spine in future posts. -SR

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