Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello, world.

Fun new things for the week:
  • picked and ate the first produce from the balcony garden- a nasturtium blossom
  • modified a difficult exercise to make it even harder
  • started this blog
I'm happy to see that my nasturtiums have survived the brutal Palo Alto winter and are already producing food for my table. The salvia, which I don't eat but the hummingbirds do, is doing well, but not surprisingly the basil has gone on to that great pesto bowl in the sky.

Here's a fun way to shape and tone your bod: Imagine doing a push-up. Now put your hands on the edge of an inverted bosu. Put one foot in a TRX strap. Sounds fun, but wait, there's more! As you go down into the push-up, swing the free leg forward under you, and as you straighten your arms swing the free leg up and over to the opposite side. Extra credit for keeping the moving leg straight and getting a big twist in the lower torso. Don't let your midsection sag at all.

As far as blogging goes, I will start thinking of things to say about the massage business that don't involve talking about actual clients(which would not be ethical.)

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